1a.What color is the hair? How does the hair arrive? How is it measured?

A.As for color all the hair is natural browns in shade. We don't offer a variety of color options for the hair but it can be colored easily to match your natural hair. If needed you can request the hair to be in a certain shade (medium to dark brown) if available. If no request is made the available hair color in the purchased lengths will be sent to you which may vary by bundle. Our hair extensions comes in various shades of browns and in some instances will have lighter brown ends.  All photos on our website are of the actual products once they have been cowashed and air dried. We suggest as stated on the hair care cards that items should be cowashed prior to installing. The natural wave/curl pattern will revert once the hair has been wet and will look exactly as the products are shown. All bundles are measured stretched (pulled straight) from weft to ends.


1b.What is the difference in Raw Hair vs Virgin Hair?

A. Lets start with the true definition of virgin hair because it’s very important:

Virgin Hair: Human hair that has never been chemically manipulated/processed.   

Raw hair is by true definition virgin hair. However the hair industry has been flooded with all types of hair that the word “raw” needed to be incorporated to properly differentiate between the two. Both hairs can be colored,bleached,straightened,curled,and colored. Hair patterns of all wavy and curly textures will revert back to their natural state once wet.

Real Virgin Hair Will Come In 3 Basic Textures: Straight, Wavy(loose/non "s" shaped body wave/natural wave), & Curly. Anything else is processed to a degree using steam. Body Wave("s" shaped), Kinky Curly, and Deep Wave/curly are all examples of steam processed virgin hair. This in no way diminishes the quality of the hair the steam has only enhanced the natural hair pattern to a degree to achieve the desired pattern. Virgin hair will last 1-3 years or more with proper upkeep. B

The main advantages to having Pure Raw Hair are as follows:

  • Fuller bundles (4 oz) which results in needing only 2-3 bundles for a full head install as wefts are longer 

  • Higher quality and longer lasting hair(3-5 PLUS YEARS)

  • Natural looking and flowing hair that blends with all hair types

  • Cuticle aligned hair. No matting

  • No chemical/steam processing

  • Hair is purely from one donor. No blended lengths or hair additives.


2.How much hair do I need for a installation?

A. for a full installation the average person requires about 10-12 oz. 8 oz (2 bundles) is typically used for a partial installation and will not have the same fullness. If the hair is longer than 18 inches between 3 and 4 bundles ( 12-16 oz) Is suggested depending on your desired look, fullness and length. With our raw hair extensions 2-3 bundles (8-12 oz) is enough for a full install with or without a closure/frontal piece as those bundles will be fuller and thicker.

3.What is your processing & shipping policy?

A. Our company ships through USPS For both domestic and international orders. Processing time for individual bundles, closures, and frontals are 3-5 business days ( which doesn't include  Saturday/Sunday) from the date the order is placed after which time orders are shipped out. Bundle deals have a processing time of 7-10 business days after which items are shipped out. Our processing time is in place due to the high volume of orders, the inspection and packaging of your bundles purchased, as well as the time it takes payments to clear on our end. This is a NO EXCEPTION policy. If processing time is faster per your order your items will ship even sooner. Delivery time by way of USPS for domestic (UNITED STATES) is 1-3 business days depending on destination. Express shipping is also offered for domestic (UNITED STATES/US TERRITORIES). Those orders are processed within 2-3 business days and arrive in 1-2 days which is based on location. During sales the processing and shipping period may be extended due to the higher volume of orders and inventory, so please be advised. Some orders may ship separately due to item availability. In the event of this you will be notified once shipment details are provided. All orders are packaged at our facility, labeled, and picked up by USPS. Once tracking details have been issued please not WE DO NOT monitor your shipment for delivery. Due to this we are not privy to any delivery delays unless notified. If updates aren't seen on your tracking within 24-72 hours please contact us immediately.


4.What is your return policy?

A. Please note ALL SALES ARE FINAL if the order isn't cancelled within 24 hours of the order being placed. Order cancelations can be made via email at virginhairbylabella1@yahoo.com or by phone to (504)610-3953 during our hours of operation of 10:30am-6:00pm CST Tues-Sat.

If after said business hours you MUST email customer service to virginhairbylabella1@yahoo.com requesting the cancelation. We CAN NOT honor any cancelations beyond that point of 24 hours. Cancelations must be made within 24 hours of being placed as it is prior to processing and once beyond that point the order is FINAL.  A NO RETURNS and NO REFUND policy is in effect beyond that point due to sanitation reasons and the nature of the product(s). An EXCHANGE is ONLY accepted if product is returned in the original state it was received (hair seal unbroken or tampered with ,in the original packaging, untreated, unwashed, worn, cut, or combed).  For lace/silk closures and frontals these items must be returned as received within the net and can not be brushed, combed, finger combed or chemically treated in any way. All items meeting these requirements may be returned for an exchange of the same items purchased or items of equal purchase value, minus cost of shipping within 5 days of the receipt(delivery) of your order. Only one exchange is permitted per order. We do NOT refund nor exchange items that have received a color service or have been installed/altered in any way.THESE ITEMS ARE FINAL SALE NO EXCEPTIONS. If an exchange is requested beyond the 5 days of receipt of items there is a $15 restocking fee.


5.Can this hair colored?

A. Yes this is VIRGIN hair! However we suggest you seek a professional stylist to assist you in this process.

6.How do i take care/ maintain this hair?
A. This hair should be maintained the same way you would hair that grows out your own natural scalp. We suggest not sleep on damp hair , brush before a shampoo, and always sleep with either a satin or silk bonnet/scarf or on a satin/silk pillow case. They are truly worth an investment. A care card also comes with each order with hair care tips.

7.How long will hair last?
A.-With proper care and maintenance this hair will last you anywhere from a minimum of 1 year to 2 years or longer when properly maintained for virgin hair. Our raw hair will last 3-5 PLUS YEARS. We provide all purchases with a care instruction card so that you can properly maintain your investment.


8.What do i do if the items I want are sold out?

A. Items that are sold out will not be able to be added to your cart. However all items are restocked weekly every Friday at 10am central time.


9.If I'm local can I pick up the hair? 

A. We do NOT offer pick ups to local clients, NO EXCEPTIONS. This no pick up policy is to protect both our employees and our inventory.  While local delivery was offered in the past this has been put on hold INDEFINITELY due to the rise in covid-19 cases again and the newly discovered harsher variants of Covid. This is a no exception policy change to ensure the health & wellness of our staff and customers. All orders must be placed online and are shipped via USPS. Items purchased on our site by local clients have the same processing and shipping policy.

10a. What if the hair does't meet my expectations once received?

A. If the items issued to you fail to meet your expectations in appearance, texture, color, or feel you are able to send them back for an exchange for more items. Please note that once seals on the bundles are broken, an item is installed or colored you are accepting the overall condition on quality of the purchased merchandise and your sale is considered nonexchangeable (final sale). For lace/silk closures and frontals these items must be returned as received within the net and can not be brushed, combed, finger combed or chemically treated in any way This exchange is valid up to 5 days after the delivery of the purchased items. Only one exchange is offered after which a $15 restocking fee will be charged. To process this exchange please contact us via email 24/7 to virginhairbylabella1@yahoo.com. We not not cover the cost of the exchange but will cover shipping costs to have the new items mailed to you. Please be advised as we are not liable for lost or stolen merchandise to fully insure your order when mailing us your exchange. If the items in question have been custom colored or ombréd you can also return them to us to have the color corrected but we will not replace nor exchange said items. Please be advised that if you don't want that option for color correction we will issue a refund for the custom color/ombre service you received instead. Due to this WE WILL NOT be liable for your purchase after it has been altered by yourself or another stylist. No refund or replacement(s) will be issued for your purchase. For international orders the buyer must cover the cost of return shipment. Once received we will cover return shipping cost to issue new items that meet the above criteria.

10 b. What if the pre-made or custom made unit does't meet my expectations once received?

A. Upon receipt of your unit please inspect it THOROUGHLY prior to wearing. Once the unit has been worn/altered in terms of cut or color, lace cut, or showing visible signs of wear we will not be able to provide any assistance as the unit will then be considered as accepted as is. If the custom made or a premade/ready to ship unit was purchased and upon arrival doesn't meet your expectations please contact us IMMEDIATELY (within 5 days of the arrival of your unit)  so that we can assess your issues and provide any alterations, etc to the unit that will rectify the issues. If the issues require us to replace (lace item used) or add anything(combs/band/re plucking or bleaching knots/of knots we will instruct you on how to have that item sent to us. DO NOT send a unit back to us unless we have approved you to do so or it will be returned to sender as all custom made/premade/ready to ship units are FINAL SALE. ALL UNITS WITH COLOR ARE SOLD AS IS AND CAN NOT BE ALTERED BY US IN ANY WAY.